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Alcorso Sports is a Canadian sports management company focused on showcasing footballers from Canada and around the world. Fundamental to our approach is a shared vision and value with European professional clubs. Communication of this foundation is paramount to promoting our business within Canada and other untapped markets. Our top job is to scout and train international football players to comparable European professional age standards. We then travel to European clubs and allow the player to experience elite football and showcase their talents.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide an exciting environment where players aspire confidence, respect and perseverance with a passion to become well-rounded athletes in the game we all love.

Our vision focuses on a player-centered mindset that starts with our professional coaching staff. With our high standards we are committed to excellence.

Football Match

Core Values

  • To make decisions as a program based on the best interest of the players.

  • To create a cohesive inclusive environment.

  • To deliver quality education for all coaches.

  • To clearly and effectively communicate to all Olimpico Soccer constituents.

  • To promote the growth, as well as the development of the game of soccer in the community


Alcorso Sports offerings don’t simply start and end with the players we represent. The host European club can also take advantage of our worldwide reach. To this effect we have aided host clubs to move or transfer players to other European clubs. Our network includes clubs in Serbia, Slovenia, Belgium, Spain, England, Germany, Scotland, and Italy. We also have contacts in the MLS, particularly with the Canadian teams. Alcorso Sports can also facilitate a growing trend in Branding. This opportunity is in the early stages in Canada and is seen by our organization as a huge opportunity for our European hosts to add their brand to Canadian soccer clubs.


With scouting reports provided by Alcorso Sports, a European club can brand Canadian clubs and be the first to bring young potential talent to the host club. It may also be possible to establish customized training regiment to ensure Canadian talent can be assessed to European standards. Another branding opportunity exits via the summer training camps and I.D. Camps. Again, the entire operation can be handled by Alcorso Sports with coaches summering in Canada and returning to Europe with star players to continue training.

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