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Player Management and Representation
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Player Showcasing
International Camps and Training
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Coaching Education
International Residency
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Training Programs
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Club Consulting
Team Showcasing Tours
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Player Showcasing

Everyone wants trials! In order for you to get a trail someone usually has to put their name on this player. If someone is continuously sending players to trial that are not good enough the relationship with the team breaks down. Alcorso Sports has to make sure this player is ready for the trial and we are happy to put our name on the player. We want to send players to top international clubs! Alcorso Sports was formed to create opportunities and act like a bridge to Youth, Men's and Women's football players to enter elite level of professional soccer clubs around the world

 Alcorso Sports combines traditional sports knowledge with unparalleled access and expertise in the footballing world to create professional opportunities unique to each athlete.


We look at each player differently

⦁ CV creation

⦁ player evaluation - style of play and potential teams

⦁ Training and Development - where a player needs to improve

⦁ Trial Preparation - train to what is expected at trials mentally, physically, technical and tactical

⦁ Management - Contract negotiation, Financial management, Endorsements, Tax and estate planning, future after football.

We will also have opportunities throughout the year for individual players to join other teams in their age group to form a team to also play against pro clubs. This is more individual training than team training. You will be joining players from different countries like USA Australia, Brazil, Argentina and Africa to name a few. You will also be living with players you never met just like if you were joining a new team. The experience the player has on these trips are invaluable to the players future. This is the university of football.

Team Showcase Tours

Alcorso Sports works with professional clubs all around the world. Our Showcase tour is designed to customize to fit the needs and desires of each specific team. Let us build a showcase tour around your goals and budget. We will be playing 1 to 2 games per week against pro academies in Europe. We will play games to your teams level. Alcorso Sports finds this another way to find players as you get to see the showcase player direct against a pro academy player of a pro team. This is a great way to evaluate players and some players will be asked by the team to come back for trials or even stay. This is a great way to make contacts for your club and you for the future


 Alcorso Showcase tours include:

⦁ Travel planning

⦁ Accommodations

⦁ 3 meals per day

⦁ Transportation

⦁ Friendly match organization

⦁ Clinics

⦁ Sightseeing

⦁ Pro match attendance

⦁ Training with UEFA A and B coaches

⦁ Training facility Our mission is simple, to help guide our players/clients to find the correct pathway and create options and opportunities for all to succeed!

Football Match

The Pathway

Many players from around the world have dreams and aspirations about becoming a pro footballer. To have the privilege to succeed you will need hard work, dedication, sacrifice, commitment and a little bit of good karma and sometimes that is not enough. We at Alcorso sports management are a group of footballing enthusiast and professionals in networking, training, top coaching, management with many years of experience, footballing business, agents, scouts, team owners all working for the same goal, the player! Our Goals are to scout, train, groom, manage and create options and opportunities for the Male or Female players. 

 In order to accomplish these goals, you must be able to bridge the gaps and push a player to the highest level physically, tactically, technically and mentally. For Alcorso Sports Europe is the most competitive and highest paying leagues in the World and within Europe you can say there are 5 top countries. For us all roads lead to Europe! For players in Countries like Canada, USA, Australia and many others there is a gap missing between the countries they come from and the technical, tactical, competition and professionalism in Europe. Through our experience sometimes it's almost not even fair for a player to come to trial in Europe because of how far behind the country they come from are. Players need to bridge that gap in order to succeed.


Alcorso Sports has created a pathway that can bridge the gaps with its International Residency Program. The program will have players living in Europe for 3 months intervals as most passports will allow that length of stay. The age of the players for Male is 14 to 19 years old for female it is 16 to 25 years old. Players will live in Europe and trial and train with pro or semi pro teams depending on the playing level of the player. The player will live with other players and train 3 days a week with a club and get private training 2 days per week. The host club will get first choice of this player. Usually we would send a player to a club for a month and if the team does not want this player we will move this player to another club do train and trial. The goal is to get this player experience, options, opportunities and a contract! Alcorso Sports has many contacts across Europe. If a player is of quality and out team are positive about the players potential, we will send a player to trial at the level we believe they can succeed. Many things come into to play like passport issues, style of play of player, what countries are looking for this type of player, club financial situation we are sending the player to, making sure player is safe and taken care of there are many things to consider.


Players train 5 days a week with a UEFA A or B coach in the mornings and go to trials in the evening. Our goal for the athlete is to get to their full potential, gain experience and knowledge. We want to find all a contract. This is very difficult and all players must show determination, sacrifice, commitment, hard work and the will to succeed. Receiving a contract offer is a privilege! We will work with every individual player to make sure they are mentally prepared for the challenge!

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The consortium at Alcorso Sports goals are to create options and opportunities and a legitimate pathway to success. One of the ways we find players is through our training Camps. We can send professional European coaches, ex players and agents to any location in the world. We train your players in European training methods to evaluate at what level your players are currently at. We also teach new drills to see if the player has the ability to learn. The coaches will give you an overview of each player to help with the future development of the player.

We will also work with teams on positioning, defense, break outs, set plays, aspects of the game both technical and Tactical. We will work with ages 8 to 20 years old both male and female. The best players may be invited to Europe to continue their development. We can customize and accommodate a training camp for the level of each group.

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